We know choosing your right cyber-security partner is not a simple task, but it is crucial for your success. Our values will make your decision a bit simpler.

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Cyber-security is a rapidly changing and ever-evolving domain. We always maintain the highest level of technological knowledge in that domain. Furthermore, our entire work ethic is based on internationally recognized methodologies and processes.


Every organization is unique. We continuously keep updating and tailoring our work ethics, methodologies and processes for the uniqueness of our customers and their diverse needs.


Efficiency and timing are critical factors in cyber-security. We are focused on results and therefore we will be as efficient and fast as possible.


We know cyber-security might be complicated and confusing. Therefore, we always share our thoughts immediately, with honesty, respect and as simple as possible, so you could make the right decisions for your business.

About Us

Our mission is to deliver cutting-edge and top-notch cyber-security services in order to protect our customers' business operations, technologies and most valuable assets.

Founded in 2015, Cyber-Way is the leading company of cutting-edge cyber- security services in Israel, with numerous successful stories.

Based in the heart of the cyber-security capital of Israel - Be'er Sheva, Cyber-Way has a proven track record, know-how and tools to provide the most advanced cyber-security services for all sectors and industries.

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